CareerSource Flagler Volusia Annual Report 2017

Let’s face it; economic trends have a massive impact on our everyday lives. From applying for new loans to deciding what to have for dinner, our behaviors are significantly affected by the shape of the economy. For that reason it is important to understand what kind of market will emerge ahead.

But predicting the behavior of a market is not easy. Economic indicators typically offer a limited insight, leaving us in a precarious position to make good forecasts. For instance, it’s easy to see that an increasing number of unemployed typically indicates a slower economy ahead (fortunately that’s not our case.) Yet a low unemployment rate may not necessary indicate a robust market…

The CareerSource Flagler Volusia Annual Report provides a unique opportunity to assess the outlook of the local economy by presenting the most recent trends in our workforce. This means the report will describe the current composition of our job seekers, empowering you to evaluate more accurately the future of our region.

CareerSourceFV 2017 Annual Report