Importance of responding to surveys

Getting feedback from customers is a social exchange; one in which the individuals providing information are motivated by some kind of reward. For this blog post we thought it would be appropriate to explain your rewards when you complete our surveys. (Also, let this article implicitly help you with your own surveying efforts.)

We don’t know what we don’t know. The first and most obvious benefit is that your feedback can help us improve the service we provide you. There may be little things – or huge things – we can change to our services, processes, forms, etc. to make your life better. But we won’t know what to change unless you tell us.

The second benefit gained is that your feedback goes straight to the decision makers at CareerSourceFV – no filters. Your input is collected by managers and presented directly to the Board of Directors. This means that your responses are heard, and if needed, acted upon.

Beyond these benefits we do our best to make your survey-taking experience as simple and comfortable as possible. We accomplish this by:

  1. Telling you ahead of time about the purpose of the survey and its benefits – kind of like we are doing now.
  2. Reducing the complication of the survey and minimizing the time it takes to complete it. Typically our online surveys take less than 2-3 minutes to complete.
  3. Following up with you for comments or questions.

Next time you see one of our surveys, take a short moment, 2-3 minutes, to give us feedback. You and your organization will be better off if you do!