Why does the Career Community Portal exist?

Guest blogger: Sara Hale, Managing Partner, Coastal Cloud

Flagler and Volusia schools continue to make great strides preparing students for careers. But how do students decide which career to pursue? At the same time, local businesses have job opportunities that go unfilled for lack of qualified applicants.

Entering the job market or choosing a career path can be like going on a blind date. One never really knows what to expect until they get there. Hence, the popularity of on-line websites that screen for compatibility traits.

Similarly, the Career Community Portal matches the goals of students with the needs of local employers. With the teacher’s guidance, the portal exposes students to career opportunities in a more hands on way than what is available in the classroom. And it accomplishes this in a way that does not force a premature career decision.

The students benefit and so too do business owners. Whatever the encounter, a part or full time job, an internship or job shadowing experience or a classroom presentation by business owners, each party to the experience comes away knowing more about the other.

The types of student-business interactions fostered by the Career Community Portal have proven to be beneficial. Part time jobs and internships often turn into full time careers. JPMorgan Chase says, “Work-based learning can increase a teen’s salary by as much as 11% for up to eight years after high school.”

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