Request for Proposals


CareerSource Flagler Volusia is currently seeking proposals for:
Career Center Operator Career and Training Services for Adults, Dislocated Workers and Businesses Career and Training Services for Young Adults Other Programs Vendor Services.

Below is the full request, along with the attachments:

Request for Proposal
Attachment A:   Proposal Cover Sheet
Attachment B:   Representations and Certifications
Attachment C:   Appeals Policy
Attachment D:   Terms and Conditions
Attachment E:   Budget Summary and Budget Detail
Attachment F:   Sample Collaborator Agreement

Release Date: November 12th, 2019

Bidders Workshop: December 3rd, 2019 at 9:00 AM
at CareerSource Flagler Volusia
329 Bill France Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL. 32114
Join this meeting via Skype
Skype and Audio Conference Number:
Conference Number: 1-888-585-9008
Conference Room: 250-995-839

Recording of Bidders Workshop

Bidders Workshop Sign In Sheet

Continuous Improvement Performance Initiative FAQs

Proposal Deadline: March 2nd, 2020
Contract Period: July 1st, 2020 to June 30th, 2021
Contact Person:   Christine Sikora

Questions and Responses:

1. Q: Is there an application to complete?
A: There is not an application for the Scopes of Work, there is the proposal and attachments that must be completed.

2. Q: Can we serve one particular area for youth, for instance Daytona Beach? A: Yes

3. Q: Is there a budget? What are your allocations?
A: This is the budget for Program Year 18-19. This is the budget for Program Year 19-20.

4. Q: Who are your current providers?
A: Career Center Operator – Career Steps, Inc.
Career & Training Adult Services and Businesses – Case Management Inc. Career & Training Young Adult Services – Flagler County Schools and the George Washington Carver Foundation (Flagler) and Eckerd Connects (Volusia)

5. Q: How many youth were served?
A: In Program Year 18-19 207 young adults were served.

6. Q: What is your cost per youth?
A: In Program Year 18-19 the cost per young adult was $4548.

7. Q: In question 3 for the budget is there a link?
A: The link has been fixed and both budgets are now posted.

8. Are the current providers for ADW and the Youth Programs meeting performance?
A: Local performance measures can be found at Florida’s DEO Website.

9. What is the current staffing structure for ADW and Youth?
A: Corporate Organizational Chart (includes Young Adults)
A: Center Operations Organizational Chart
A: Career Services Organizational Chart

10. What was the spending on Cleaning Services from 2018-19?
A: For 4 locations the total cost was $39,828.

11. What is the average headcount weekly usage in Cleaning Services?
A: 4-5 people are used to currently provide cleaning services.

12. Can you provide the pay and/or bill rates from past suppliers for Cleaning Services?
A:Four locations cost $3,319 per month

13. Can you provide the state pay rates per job title for Staffing and Cleaning Services?
A: For cleaning – Not Applicable For staffing – The job positions must be aligned with the going pay rate for the position within the region and cannot be less that the pay of other employees within the company who are not paid through the staffing agency.

14. How would you like fees for staffing and cleaning services presented in our proposal?
A: For cleaning – Price cost for cleaning the centers is preferred. For staffing – Pay rate and Bill rate is preferred.

15. Who is your current provider for Cleaning Services and Staffing Services?
A: For cleaning – Precision Carpet Tile & Upholstery Cleaning, Inc. For staffing – VisionHR for Volusia County and Labor Finders for Flagler County.

16. How long is the average temporary assignment and how many temps were hired on in the last contract year by staffing services?
A: Staffing services were used for case management that was paid through a Dislocated Worker National Emergency Grant (Irma and Matthew). The length of time a person was employed was determined by when they began working and when the grant ended. The longest an employee was employed was 18 months and the shortest time was 2 weeks.

17. Do you require a drug screen, if so what type? Can you provide details on background check requirements?
A: The requirement of a drug screen would be determined by the employer with whom the temp is working for. If the employer does not require a drug screen for current employees then we would not complete one for the temp. The same would be true of background screens. It would be determined by the employer in which they are staffed. Our cleaning company is bonded, has liability and worker’s comp.

18. Our other Workforce partners use FDLE to complete the background check and allow for the past through cost. Is this something CareerSource Flagler Volusia would be willing to adhere to?
A: Based on cost of the proposal this would be something that we would discuss at contract negotiations but would be willing to discuss.

19. Under staffing services – What is the break out of number of temps by job category?
A: Currently for the DWNEG grants all positions were case management.

20. What reports are you requiring and how often do they need to be delivered?
A: Payroll reports with timesheets per temp employee would need to be delivered weekly.

21. Do you have any goals of providing a summer youth program requiring pay rolling services?
A: We have not traditionally done a summer youth program but are exploring the possibilities for this summer.

22. Can we quote pricing to be employer of record and payroll agent of youth programs and not bid on Career and Training Services for Young Adult Re-engagement Programs?
A: Yes. If you would like to provide a quote for a youth summer program you can do that without bidding on the C&T Services for Young Adults.