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Board of Directors financial disclosure is submitted to the County Supervisor of Elections on an annual basis.  A records search is available on the Florida Commission on Ethics site.

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New Board Member and Local Elected Officials Orientation

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Board Member and Local Elected Officials Orientation

Board of Directors Agendas and Minutes

CareerSource Flagler Volusia’s Board of Directors are responsible for the management of the affairs, business and property of CareerSource Flagler Volusia.  The members are charged with developing a strategy to continuously improve and strengthen the workforce development system through innovation in and alignment of employment, training and education programs to promote economic growth.

Board of Directors Meetings

Agenda 1/21/2022

Agenda 11/12/2021

Agenda 8/20/2021
Minutes 8/20/2021

Agenda 5/28/2021
Minutes 5/28/2021

Agenda 3/26/2021
Minutes 3/26/2021

Agenda 1/15/2021
Minutes 1/15/2021

Agenda 11/20/2020
Minutes 11/20/2020

Agenda 8/21/2020
Minutes 8/21/2020

Agenda 5/29/2020
Minutes 5/29/2020

Agenda 3/27/2020
Minutes 3/27/2020

Amended Agenda 1/16/2020
Agenda 1/16/2020
Minutes 1/16/2020

Agenda 11/15/2019
Minutes 11/15/2019

Agenda 8/16/2019
Minutes 8/16/2019

Board Officer Meetings

Agenda 2/3/2022

Agenda 1/06/2022

Agenda 10/28/2021

Agenda 10/18/2021
Minutes 10/18/2021

Agenda 07/01/2021

Executive/ Finance Committee Agendas and Minutes

Executive Committee The Executive Committee exercises in the intervals between meetings of the board, all of the powers that may legally be delegated in the management of the affairs of the organization. The Executive Committee may create project-based ad-hoc committees and serves as the CareerSource Flagler Volusia’s Nominating Committee.

Finance Committee The Finance Committee is primarily responsible to ensure that funds are spent in a responsible and transparent manner. The Finance Committee also shares in oversight of the alignment of funds with CareerSource Flagler Volusia’s vision to create the partnerships needed when seeking funds through grants.

Agenda 10/28/2021

Agenda 8/30/2021

Agenda 7/15/2021
Minutes 7/15/2021

Agenda 4/29/2021
Minutes 4/29/2021

Agenda 2/18/2021
Minutes 2/18/2021

Agenda 10/15/2020 
Minutes 10/15/2020

Agenda 7/16/2020
Minutes 7/16/2020

Agenda 4/30/2020 
Minutes 4/30/2020

Agenda 3/26/2020 
Minutes 3/26/2020

Agenda 2/11/2020 
Minutes 2/11/2020

Business Development Committee Agendas and Minutes

Business Development Committee The Business Development Committee focuses on engaging businesses. The resulting business alliances leverage each other’s expertise and technologies to enable us to prepare a pipeline of workers to meet both the current and future need of business.

Agenda 2/10/2022

Agenda 9/28/2021
Meeting Materials

Agenda 4/5/2021
Minutes 4/5/2021

Agenda 2/10/2021
Minutes 2/10/2021

Agenda 9/23/2020
Minutes 9/23/2020

Agenda 7/7/2020
Minutes 7/7/2020

Agenda 4/15/2020
Minutes 4/15/2020

Agenda 2/4/2020
Minutes 2/4/2020

Career Pathways Committee Agendas and Minutes

Career Pathways Committee By bringing business and economic development partners together with educational leaders, this committee helps to shape training solutions that meet the immediate and future workforce needs. It is this committee’s responsibility to provide oversight to the process of selecting and reviewing performance of all service providers and to ensure workforce solutions are implemented.

Agenda 10/07/2021

Agenda 4/22/2021
Minutes 4/22/2021 

Agenda 2/9/2021 
Minutes 2/9/2021

Agenda 9/3/2020 
Minutes 9/3/2020 

Agenda 7/9/2020 
Minutes 7/9/2020 

Agenda 4/16/2020 
Minutes 4/16/2020 

Ad Hoc Committee Agendas and Minutes

Ad Hoc Committees are designated by CareerSource Flagler Volusia’s Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee.  These committees are established to address a specific issue.

Youth Employment Talent Initiative (YETI) Committee

Agenda 11/1/2021

Agenda 7/27/2021
Minutes 7/27/2021 

Agenda 1/5/2021
Minutes 1/5/2021

Agenda 12/8/2020
Minutes 12/8/2020 

Bylaws Review Committee

Agenda 10/5/2021
Agenda 9/7/2021